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Lately there has been a daily barrage of obvious spammers applying for membership here at FRETS.NET. Some time ago, I added those simple q…

Started by Frank Ford in Luthier TalkLatest Reply

Searching the Forum. . .

Took a little while, but the Search function has been restored - thanks for  your patience!

Started by Frank Ford in Luthier TalkLatest Reply

Neck Re-Set Gallery

Hi All,  I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I…

Started by MrGlyn in Luthier TalkLatest Reply

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Regal parlour , strange wood .

Hi guys , What do you think this wood might be ? Its a 1940's regal parlour .

Started by Len Biglin in Luthier Talk

2 12 hours ago
Reply by Paul Breen

StewMac Neck Jig

As a sorta follow-up to my other post about fret leveling, I'm wondering how many of you are using the StewMac neck jig or similar? If you…

Started by Keith Somerville in Luthier Talk

3 17 hours ago
Reply by Keith Somerville

Timberex Oil

I am doing a neck refinish. The original product was Timberex. Apparently, only available in the UK. It's a Watco product. Does anyone Know…

Started by Thomas James in Luthier Talk

2 yesterday
Reply by Thomas James

Interesting fret leveling technique

New one on me: Anyone work like this? It's an 'interesting' idea.

Started by Keith Somerville in Luthier Talk

8 yesterday
Reply by Roger Häggström

"Hum" when volume is turned down on my Gretsch?

First of all, Hi!  It's been a looong while since I last posted, but life is strange sometimes, and we have to roll with it.  Anyway, I'm g…

Started by John Cartwright in Luthier Talk

12 on Tuesday
Reply by John Cartwright

Tiple intonation

A customer just dropped off a nice T28 Martin tiple complaining about poor intonation. He says he heard that Frank had done an intonated sa…

Started by Terry Straker in Luthier Talk

48 on Monday
Reply by Terry Straker

String spacing at nut opinions

Hope all are doing well.  I recently was working on an acoustic guitar where the desire was to put a Gold Tone zero glide/fret nut in.  The…

Started by Greg Miller in Luthier Talk

1 on Monday
Reply by Mike Kolb

Noobish Question... Truss rod tension before FB level?

I was just wondering how much tension should I put on the truss rod before leveling the fretboard? I'm thinking between 1/4 and 1/2 a turn.…

Started by Gert van der Does in Luthier Talk

13 on Monday
Reply by Gert van der Does

Help Identifying an old Parlor Guitar, Larson-esque?

Hello everyone! Thanks for having me. This is my first post here; I had been given a good recommendation that you fine folks might be able…

Started by Aaron Jennings in Luthier Talk

8 on Monday
Reply by Christopher Haux

tacoma acoustic bass guitar

Hello all,I have a Tacoma bass guitar in my shop. I took it on as a project because of how it was presented to me. When I brought it home a…

Started by Lee Gendvilas in Luthier Talk

14 Jul 13
Reply by Lee Gendvilas


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