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Lately there has been a daily barrage of obvious spammers applying for membership here at FRETS.NET. Some time ago, I added those simple q…

Started by Frank Ford in Luthier TalkLatest Reply

Searching the Forum. . .

Took a little while, but the Search function has been restored - thanks for  your patience!

Started by Frank Ford in Luthier TalkLatest Reply

Neck Re-Set Gallery

Hi All,  I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I…

Started by MrGlyn in Luthier TalkLatest Reply

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A little horror story....

A picture's worth a thousand words.  The customer complained of very poor string-to-string response from a Fishman UST installed in his Tay…

Started by Mike Kolb in Luthier Talk

6 38 minutes ago
Reply by Mike Kolb

Cat urine smell

Okay, here is a fun topic. My friend has a situation where a cat peed all over his mandolin. It's not a valuable mando, so no great loss, b…

Started by Mark Pollock in Luthier Talk

1 12 hours ago
Reply by Frank Ford

Soundhole/bridge repair clamps

I've been using regular cam clamps and Ibex clamps for a long time and this morning I've decided I hate them. I've been persevering, but it…

Started by Keith Somerville in Luthier Talk

17 16 hours ago
Reply by George Roberts

70's 355 pickguard crumbling

I have a customer with a guitar that I installed a 355 pickguard on in the mid 70's. He says it is crumbling apart. I've seen this on older…

Started by Bob Harris in Luthier Talk

1 16 hours ago
Reply by Greg Mirken

Tip: Loose ball end on string

Had a mystery buzz on one string, did the right things and sanded the nut and saddle smooth in the contact points but still the same buzz.…

Started by Roger Häggström in Luthier Talk

5 yesterday
Reply by Roger Häggström

Neck reset on Gallagher

Looking for advice on resetting the neck on an early 1980s G45. I am treating it as a Martin dovetail joint and am heating with the StewMac…

Started by Robert Sherman in Luthier Talk

1 on Thursday
Reply by Len Biglin

Advice for doing subcontract guitar work for local music stores.

I have my own repair shop and asked if I want to do some work for some other shops in the area. I have never done this and am curious how o…

Started by Matt Dreher in Luthier Talk

5 on Wednesday
Reply by Keith Somerville

Twist in a neck - how much is too much?

I have a brand-new carbon fiber guitar that has a little neck twist. The situation is slightly confounded by the fact that this is a custom…

Started by Danny in Luthier Talk

3 on Wednesday
Reply by Palle Clausen

1978 Fender Stratocaster with backbowed neck issues!

So I have this 1978 Fender Stratocaster that I am refretting. It has a maple neck. The damn micro tilt after years of use, has kinked the u…

Started by Michael Burton in Luthier Talk

7 Sep 11
Reply by Russell Vance

Parlor Guitar ID

Can anyone discern what company this guitar was made by and possibly timeframe?The body measurements are:Lower bout - 11 7/8"Waist - 6 3/4…

Started by Redacted in Luthier Talk

3 Sep 7
Reply by Ian Pender


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