I purchased 4 b&s sets from the USA and had them sent over to me in the UK. This was about 3 months ago. I'll state straight away that I'm certain this dealer would not have sold the wood to me if he had even suspected that there was a risk. It was my first buy from him but won't be the last. He understands the import duty situation and was helpful . I didn't ask him, he just seems to be one of those thoughtful & helpful types. Anyway, I digress. One of the sets was quilted African Mahogany. Both the back pieces have warped, one quite badly....well, any warping is plenty bad as far as I am humbly concerned!!! Anyhoo, the room all the wood sets are stored in, is pretty constant as far as temp' & humidity go. The sides for this same set are flat as a pancake!?!? All other sets & tops are fine. I'd guess its warped as much as 0.5" over the length of the back. Doesn't look pretty at all. Can anything be done??? These pieces have bricks on the ends at present and I'm leaving them there till someone solves my dilema. Any ideas.....and I mean any.....please??? If nothing can be done and the back is kaput please tell me.....but gently. Ta.

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half an inch over 24?

Nah, nothing to worry about at ALL!!!

I'd wipe it with a damp cloth, and sticker it, supported with at least 4 strips, put another piece of waste above it (stickered again), put the bricks back on, and forget about it for 6 months.

it'll be fine.
Hi Martin............

Thanks for the prompt reply. Your confidence that this is barely a problem at all has made me feel much better! I'm on it right now!!!

Best regards.

Hi David .. Being a wood worker of many years I will have to agree with Martin-- Heres what you do--- place the piece that is warped on the table with the bulge side up and dampen it with water-- ( now dont get carried away wit the water,just dampen it) follow the rest of the sugestions that Martin sugested and you should be golden :)
Best to you,
Hello Donald,

I wrote a reply to you at the same time as Martin's but I guess I didn't hit the all important 'send' button. Oh well! Thanks for your advice. I have acted upon it already. I am just at the very start of my building 'career'. It's great to be able to get advice from you people.

Best regards.

Hi David -- as soon as I found out this web site was going to be-- I jumped at the chance to join-- its a great place just to read different ideas that other guitar enthusiast and pros have,
and if I can be of assistance then all the better-- good luck with your new adventure and kep us all posted as to whats going on -- OK???
Be well,

Will do. Thanks Donald!




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