This is perhaps a ridiculously paranoid question and I'm almost positive the answer has to be "no" but here goes anyway...

On a guitar with strap buttons mounted at the end and on the (treble) side of the neck is there any possible harm in removing the buttons and their screws and just leaving the little holes open? I'm talking about the usual 1" long wood screws and it's a Honduran Mahogany body and neck.

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well, I guess some kind of burrowing beetle could move in & lay eggs, which whould then hatch and the grubs would eat your guitar from the inside out........

NAH, leave it!!

If you're REALLY paranoid, put in a matchstick & snap it off.
Or, why not use a thin piece of mahogany, to avoid a white spot...., and a drop of laquer on top.
Get a wax crayon of appropriate color, rub a bit in the hole, wipe off excess, and you have a decent little fill. . .


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