I'm a little way off from finishing my first guitar, but I thought I should start to think about it. Because of my shop limitations, I will not be choosing a spray laquer, however, I am leaning toward a brushed on waterbased laquer. From what I read so far, KTM-9 seems to be the waterbased laquer of choice. (and the most expensive.) Stew Mac also offers a brush-on waterbased laquer from Colortone for about half the price.

I am interested to learn the recommendations from this forum?


Doug Collins

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I started a thread a few months ago regarding problems I am having with KTM-9. It will be interesting to see if you problems similar to the ones I have had (and to see how the forum responds to your query about KTM-9).
You might consider padding on KTM9.
I use the colortone stuff and I'm very happy with it.

it dries quickly and you can get a good shine or steel wool it and get a nice satin finish.

I'm waiting for a quart tin in the post at this very moment!


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