For some time now, I've thought about setting up my own Internet forum, but the process seemed a bit daunting. But along comes Ning, and my pal, Kate, who works there. Now I find myself with no excuse for delaying any longer.

Please feel free to participate! I'll be contributing, moderating and answering questions, and I hope we'll get some real activity going here.


Frank Ford

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Thanks Frank!

I've learned so much from your other site. I'm not a luthier, but thanks to you I can set up my guitars, make new bone nuts and saddles, change out tuners, replace pickguards, and most importantly, I can appreciate when it's time to let a pro take over!

Thanks again

Hey Frank,

great idea you've got I look forward to reading and participating on the forum!

Warmest regards,
after 7 days in a row reading and learning from i just had to post this as a general acknowledgeable to Frank, whom I've yet to meet, for doing such an outstanding job in allowing newbies and veterans alike to learn more than one could ever imagine from a website about pretty much everything there is to know about guitars and fretted instruments.

Here's to you Frank. Thanks a million.

Just found out about this from a post on the UMGF. Best wishes to you in going forward with this. I'm looking forward to participating!

Best Regards--

The site looks great! Thanks Frank.
Hi Frank,

Been a few years, but I bought a fire-damaged D-35 and a smashed D-28 from you back in the 80's some time. Both were great fun, and taught me some fine lessons in lutherie. GLAD to be here!
Frank, Thanks for the wonderful web site you maintain. You've helped me through many a project.

Now a new forum. One more place to lurk and learn.

As you can see the picture I selected, I've got a few holes in my understanding of repair issues, but I'll now have another option to seek advice.

WOW, this is GREAT, you made my day!!!
Thanks Frank for all your time you have given us over the years. I have learned Soooooooo much from you!!! Words could never repay.

God Bless You
Thanks for a new site -

I have used your dot com site whenever I've tried to fix something -
though I'm not a builder or a tech, just a player enjoying and maintaining my own.

Thanks for both sites!
Gerrtings Frank -- You may nkow me as DAllan from AG- heres wishing you much sucess on your site in which I plan on visiting often--

Be well and safe
Thanks for setting up this forum Frank, I look forward to being a part of it.

I'm also happy to be able to publicly thank you for all your efforts on your website. Your vast collection of shared knowledge helped me get started in my new passion of guitar repair.

It's good to have people like you in the business and I am grateful now to have the opportunity to meet others.


Doug Collins
And it's a good thing you're doing, Frank. I'll do much more listening than talking, for sure, but your whole site has been heaven-sent to me as I've found ways to pull more sound out of a Takamine Jasmine laminate guitar than I ever thought possible, and set-up stuff in general. I'm taking delivery of a new Seagull tomorrow, which puts my mind at ease. That poor old Jasmine is tired. :) Just wanted to say thanks.



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