Bought a beat up J45. Mahogany/spruce, reverse belly bridge, mahogany neck block, gold block logo. 50's?

All back braces are loose/ completely unglued.Center strip is missing entirely. Took a peek inside and it seems nearly every single brace in this guitar will have to be reglued. Guitar was dropped and seams have popped open... How do you all approach a guitar that needs extensive work inside the box? Its not just a brace or two, but pretty much all braces.

My first thought was to remove the back of the instrument. Thoughts?


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Randy, are the sides solid or laminated?

Nice project.


Hello, Dave. 

The sides are solid. 

Every brace that isn't already falling off has been extremely easy to remove... an offset knife slides right under and this glue just crumbles. Everything has come off cleanly with little to no damage.

Thank you for all of the responses. Great to know what the heck that glue is! 

By end of day I should have the top bracing fixed.  I'll have to order a soundboard cutoff from LMI for the back, and some tuner buttons to replace the crumbled ones... but i think that will be about it. Excited to play this guitar, even though I haven't been thrilled with the last few j45's that have passed through my hands. They were newer and of the adjustable bridge variety.

Glad to hear things are going so well for you on this project. I think that the only redeeming attribute of the U-F glue is that when it gives out, parts can be readily disassembled without damage.

The best sounding guitar I ever had my hands on was a banner head stock J45. I was ready to trade off my first born child to acquire it but it was a family heirloom. No one in the family played the guitar but they, understandably,  would not part with it for it's sentimental value. I predict that you will end up with a great sounding instrument, have fun with it!


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