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After ten years at the bench I can no longer reasonably avoid this kind of neck reset.  I have a tricone on my bench and  have removed the neck without any trouble.  The process seems straight forward but I am amazed at just how much this neck moved and it leads me to believe that the angle between the dowel stick and the neck must have changed even though that seems like such a stoutly made joint.


So do I pull apart the neck and stick and reset them or just work at this from the stick end by removing the upper shims and increasing the height of the posts between the stick and the back?  I feel like that alone may not be enough to achieve the necessary kick back in the neck angle.  THe dowel is fairly massive.  Is it appropriate to shave the dowel to achieve the correct angle?


And the fit of the heel?  


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I have never tried to separate the neck and dowel at the heel. Trim the heel as you would for any other reset; trim the top side of the dowel to clear the soundwell, redrill for the endpin screw (you will also have to trim a little length off the dowel to match the amount you take off the heel) and shim it up solid.
You should pm me your contact info, I'll refer you more of these jobs!  The last time someone asked me to do this job I told them it would be time and materials, plus a $200 quality of life offset surcharge.

They are made to reset.  Just like a old banjo.  I have done many of them .  Some easy and some lots of work.




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