This is for the Guild F112 my brother is letting me experiment with.  I'm a fair novice so I'm moving slowly. 

The bridge had pulled up and the belly bowed. My brother attempted to fix it with bolts into the wings. When I got it the bridge was halfway off.  I pulled it and cleaned up the bridge 'bed' (that's what I'm calling the area under the bridge).  I had to remove a lot of junk from previous repairs (not mine) and the tearout was considerable. This lowered the bridge bed some, but checking the neck angle shows its still too high.   

I'll install one of the JLD rigs, probably the Bridge System since it doesn't require drilling yet another hole in the already perforated bridge, plus seems to add more strength.  Having the string ball ends and windings showing is not gonna be pretty though.  I'm also concerned the windings will end up resting on the saddle - bad thing.  Worse case is modifying the windings - another bad thing. But that's another story.

Short of a neck reset, what recommendations would you guys have for compensating the bridge height?  The original saddle was already pretty low.  I'll see what that's like after installing the bridge and JLD.  I could shave a bit off the top of the bridge - not the bottom since the wings are already pretty thin. Then I would also have to cut the saddle slot a little deeper. Kinda tricky for my level of (in)experience. But then so is a neck reset.

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