Anyone looking for a good sounding beater to practice on?

I have an old Harmony that needs some work, but obviously is not worth putting any money into. I has a surprisingly good sound. I was considering the idea of practicing any future luthier skills I might have on it myself. However I have come to the conclusion that this is definitely not for me, at least not at this time in my life. Maybe someday in the future. I hate to just throw things away, especially since it does sound good. So I was hoping someone here on this forum might like to use it for practice experience. Any Takers? 

Thanks, Jay

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id work on it some day but how are you planing to ship this high ticket item.

I would pack it up just as good as if it were an expensive item. what else do you want to know? Who it would be shipped by?  Maybe I should wait another month or so for warmer shipping climate?
well do you have a base cost for shipping the guitar ?i have never checked into shipping .just because i am interested .and i am sure i would need to take up the slack on shipping
it's easy to figure out if I know your zipcode.
In a word, Yes.
contact me to ship!
Charley you want it take it I could be another 5 months before I am free to work on it..Cheers Good luck thanks for the opportunity to get a Harmony
Thanks, noble of you, Frank!
$20 to $30  shipping unless you live in Alaska or Hawaii.   One more thing I should add, which may turn you off to the offer. It is a Korean made Harmony H166  circa 1978 shortly after Chicago plant closed.  whoever takes it, I would like to be kept updated on what needed to be done and how much trouble. I am talking playability repair not cosmetic. but, that's all up to you.  Thanks again everybody.
Fine, Some very fine instruments are made in Korea!
yep I agree to although 1 harmony awaits me and I am building a ton of KOA and Walnut acoustics so many body's to now build necks for, maby 200 acoustic bodies I built last year 2010 and 2011 is necks and assembly I decided to do it this way to flood the market in my area with 300 instruments to reveille in 2012 and open a store all hand carved guitars.
show some pics?

It is a good sounding one. shipment to you would run at $90.00  I would  just mostly like to see, more I guess hear what you tell me, about what you are able to do with this old girl. And being honest I have another one made about same time, different model, Maple body, that sounds really sweet and has sentimental value that I  wanted to fix, but first I wanted to see what kind of problems you might have with this one. Sort of the guinea pig. You probably think I'm a bit nuts about these old Harmony guitars, huh? 




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