Best place to get nut files other than stewmac?

Just starting out as a hobby and perhaps develop it further over time but now really just for myself and guitars of friends, so not too economical to get files from stewmac.

The main 2 places I see more affordable prices are LMI and Warmoth. Their gauges are different so I'm asking which gauges make more "sense" for standard acoustic guitar setups?

Either the set of 5 or the 3 double edged ones..
a) the 5 piece set i'm worried about .058 being too thick for standard light gauge strings on the low E
b) both sets of files don't have the .010-.013 gauges which are the norm, woudln't .016 be too thick?

the double edged ones here are the most affordable i've seen, but also, not appropriate guage for the high E, and there's NOTHING at all between .029 and .04, that'd leave out most D strings. and there's like .062, now why would i need that?!

these seem the most appropriate gauges but also the most ex and nothing above .50, that'll be most low E strings.

also, LMI has this Pippin file:

It says it's limitless gauges but i'm not sure how that'll work.. wouldn't this be the best then?

thanks all for any valuable input!! exciting to start on my first nut!

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Good Morning.

My first set of nut files were an ebay special, but once I picked a set from guy who was cleaning out his shop, I am sold on the SM brand. They have worked on everything.
mmm but u haven't tried these other brands?

boy those are expensive though SM...
Try Allparts. They have a pretty good selection. Also, if your a legit business you can get them for 50% off.
Just a thought,
legit business hahaha
i love stew mac files i have been using mine on bone and brass for 3 1/2 years and they look good still my high e is ready to be replaced but the selection from 6 stew mac files allows me to cut nuts for mandolin uke to guitar and bass guitar so whats most important is that i have never had to source a different file i have all 6 i need for most luthier work


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