Can anyone tell me how to get a black color for a pore filler? The Stew-Mac water base ebony dries out to a shade of grey (not acceptable). I added some TransTint black to wallboard joint compound and ended up with a purple-ish shade of grey (also not acceptable). The back & sides I am filling are indian rosewood. Thank you folks, I love this forum!

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I tried the charcoal yesterday and it seems to reach a certain shade of grey and no further, with a lot of particles floating in the mix. The quest continues.

Thanks Ron

I use Mars Black powdered pigment, available at any art supply store.  It's a form of iron oxide.  Grind it in a mortar before adding it to your filler to get rid of clumps.

You can't get a strong black from a dye, because dyes are transparent.

Thank you Howard, that's good to know.

I just did a maple neck with that black fingerboard dye that stewmac used to sell. Sanded it back and did an oil finish over the top and it came out pretty nice. Might be worth a try, it is very dark when it goes on but lightens up a little as you sand it back.


A great big HOWDY and THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my question. I got some black powdered pigment like Howard Klepper described. It's not as black as I would like, but o well. Can't always get what you want. Thanks again!


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