This is my biggest gripe about Acoustic Guitars, which I have been playing for over 25 years.  After saving to buy a HIGH END guitar I was severely disappointed that it had a buzzing “B” String, primarily when played open.  I called the manufacturer several times and their advice was of no use, telling me to adjust the truss rod (I have had guitars where all, the strings buzzed and a back bow was the cause but not ONE string.)  Bu I added more relief but it did not help.  They told me to change the pins, I did but the problem was not solved.  It was so annoying.  I placed a feeler gauge under the string at each fret and plucked the string, it cleared the gauge at every fret.  I tried a higher saddle, a higher nut; NOTHING made this BUZZ go away.  I set everything within the manufacturers specs, relief, saddle height, break angle, clearance at nut, etc.  Still no cure.  They told me to talk it to their repair center. I did and the person there could not hear any buzz, all he heard was as he said, "A secondary harmonic.”  Now if this was a secondary harmonic then EVERY acoustic guitar “B” string would BUZZ the same.  All of the acoustic guitars I have owned for the past 25 years DID NOT BUZZ; all of the acoustics I now own DO NOT.  I could hear it, my friends could hear it.  This person also said it was MY playing style caused it, and yet I had many people play the guitar and got the same result; a BUZZ. I recorded the buzzing and emailed it to the manufacturer and they agreed to refund my money and I agreed not to reveal THEIR NAME.


Recently I purchased a little Martin and liked it so much and decided that it was the same as their X series so I bought a 000 X series online.  When it arrived it too had this same mysterious buzzing B string.  I sent it back.  Then I went to GC and played a 000 X series and it too had a buzzing B sting, open and to the third fret, but the Dreadnaught X series did not.  Again the salesperson could not hear the BUZZ.  I am so tired of trying to buy any acoustic guitar because of this Buzz that only I can hear (But those who listen to the tape can hear it too, except repairmen and sales people.)  I would like to know what on earth causes this and why on just certain more well known guitars.  I am beginning to believe it is POOR manufacturing and there is either a major flaw in the neck and or bridge.

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Ron , I have recently had to admit that I am getting older , and there are some very real sounds that just dont register in my ears , I get my 19yr old son to have a listen and he can nail it in seconds . Just the natural decline in our hearing , and years of turning up a Fender twin till it sounds good (9 or 10 )


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