Long time on the side line, first post. This 30's,ladder braced guitar is in need of neck set, bridge plate, and bridge reglue or replace. The neck has .012 relief, without strings for months, and I think it will get worse with string tension so I thought I'd put an adjustable truss rod in it. I will put a small maple graft on the bridge plate because of tear out. Not sure if I can save the bridge. I would like to but it doesn't want to lay down well with a bit of pressure and I'm missing two of the older, fatter bridge pins. Not sure where to get those but haven't searched much. 

Anyway, a vintage dealer said it would devalue guitar if I put an adjustable truss rod in it. Suggested if I must, to put a Martin style in it with access through the sound hole to keep the look. I had thought of that myself but I'm concerned that with the increase of the neck angle that the adjusting nut will be angled up through the top making it difficult to adjust. I realize it doesn't need to be adjusted every day. The adjusting nut would stop/end at the inside edge of the neck block which means drilling through the transverse brace also to adjust.

String height at the 12th fret is 6/32 on the bass side and feel like I may need to put a wedge under the the tongue or the fallaway will be too steep. I have seen these guitars being rebraced with X-brace. So when is "vintage original" compromised? Any thoughts on procedure would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.

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