one of my sides while bending at the waist curve has cracked and split half way say 1.5 mm

from the outside what will be showing there is absolutely nothing at all but from the inside it is ugly and cracked half the depth

i think it would be worse had there been no support at the waist but i have waist support in my fox bender ooops everett bender

how do i repair this ?

or should i make another one ?

will it worsen in the future ?

should i sand it from the inside which will make the side only 1.3 mm thick at the waist ?


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start again is where i would go to if you have the resource me i harvest all my backs and sides i can pull a new set but you may only have 1 chance left maby sounds like your heat was up to high and you went to fast to bend the wood it takes me 15minutes in the jig while hot and 15 cool down minutes 30 total, and at least 5 minutes to complete the waist bend while hot if you can find a thermometer i find that 240 degrees is what i like to bend at ?thickness sand to .o95 and bend there yes your crack will worsen sounds like.With out a photo I cant tell and it would be a very expensive re pair .sorry I Answered all your Questions back wards but this is my Brain after sanding sides to fit the top and back to the kurffing I am wiped out


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