DADGAD Fan Frets Jumbo Acoustic building, help need.

I am impressed by the guitar of Andy Mcgee is using, the bass is so crisp and the treble is so sweet, I am a hobby guitar builder, can anyone give me more information on Andy's guitar's length scale ? I want to try 27.5" / 25" scale on a 22 frets SC Jumbo acoustic guitar, appreciated any information on the nut/fret slotting/fingerboard/bridge placing etc.


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I'm an fan of Andy Mckee ( of "Rylynn" fame ) too but I didn't know he was playing anything that unique. He does use some special "partial" capos in the video's I've seen but I haven't seen anything so unique as a fan fret baritone guitar which is what I think you will end up with using that formula for scale length.

That's about all I have to contribute since I've never build a long scale, fan fret instrument but, "McKee-ish" or not, it sounds like fun.

I never played a baritone guitar, I am sure they sounded beautifully. Here is the link of the guitar playing the song "flower"

isnt it sound wonderful ?
You might find some info here:
Andy plays a Greenfield sometimes --
Here's a link to a repair my buddy Josh at Mass Street Music did to Andy's Greenfield:


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