I've got a 1980 Mossman Great Plains that I believe needs a neck reset. However, this one is a bit different. Most times a neck reset is needed when the saddle is too low for adjustment and the action is too high. My situation is this ... the action is good, right where I want it and I don't want to adjust it. But the saddle is too low, especially on the treble side. It's so low that the string does not even rest on the saddle, it is laying on the bridge. I'll bet the guitar tone would improve if I could have a higher saddle with a better break angle. Seems to me that if the neck angle is changed then the action gets lower, I would then install a taller saddle and put my action back to where I like it.


Does this make sense or am I in left field?


Thanks for the help!

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I suppose the two bolts are enough to hold the neck in place.


Absolutely--why wouldn't they be? 


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