i am building a acoustic guitar

the neck joint is bolt - on

i was wondering if the top or bottom can be fixed in any way other than glue so that it can be easily openned


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Not that I know. I you have to experience things like this, maybe you could make a big screwed access hole in the back so you can access most of the top through it?
i like doing things never done before

i plan to make a guitar with either the top or back removable i.e. without gluing

i am brainstorming now
lets see whats happens when done i will inform
Something like 25 years ago, Roger Siminoff made a mandolin with a screwed-on back so he could experiment with changing things inside. The same has been done for guitars over the years in developing prototypes, etc.
You could do it, but I don't recommend it.

I recommend building a guitar with a bolt on neck (and bolt down fingerboard to the neck block through the top) and simply using hot hide glue. I've found hot hide glue to be very, very reversible and forgivable.

With a screw down system, I don't think that you'll have the same seal or proper top/back to side connection to properly model the way a guitar works.
thank you for your valuable suggestion
i also have now understood that top is important to be glued as is most dynamic
so what can be dismantled is the back
which also should be lightly stuck with hide glue and removed and after changing the inside reglued lightly
thanks again
wanted to try the sound with no taper, tapered, scallopped , no scallope, holed and scalloped (as in bridges) braces
unless you dont try you would not know the difference
so i will try


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