Hi all. I have a newer ES 175 on my bench which has me stumped.

The customer brought it on for a set up but right away something looked off... the top was sunken between the two pickups.

I removed the pickups for a quick peek inside, expecting to find a broken tone bar, but I think what I found is even worse:

This in clearly a victim of hot car syndrome... and I think it's worse than a broken brace because that glob of glue has hardened this way and I can't force the brace back....this is the worst spot but here's some more pics:

The only thing I can think of is removing the tone bars completely, cleaning up and re gluing... but I would REALLY rather avoid that if at all possible. Any suggestions?

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Yea if its gota be fixed and you fix it charge good that looks like it would drive me crazy i dont know but i just want to say good luck and id like to know how you fix this one
Yike. That first picture looks more like a bad repair, or the brace was never clamped tightly against the top at all!
To do it the right way, you should pull the brace. If this was the result of a hot environment, then other sections of the brace could be in the same shape as the area in your image.
To do a good repair I don't have any other idea but removing the back, get the tone bars off, cleaning the area and gluing back the whole thing. That's a long work, and the only good point in it is that perhaps the bill will remind your customer not to forget the guitar in the car. I fixed an old ES-125 that way :


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