I have the same problem that Frank Ford shown in picture's on I have other questions that maybe he could answer.I have written these same issues to Stewart Mac and did not know what I was talking about.My high side tone bar seem to be OK with the exception of cuts in the wood every 1 1/2 are a little bit apart, not by much. Where the back of the back pickup is the body is sunken in and someone glued a large piece of wood across from tone bar to tone bar that should not be there.I believe that piece would make it stay in a flat position so I removed it.On the bass side tone bar someone put another piece of wood running along the side of the tone bar from the distance of the front pickup to the end of the rear pickup.I believe that should be removed because that was done inproperly. What do you think?According to Frank Ford's repair he did the job correctly.The 3/32 thick spruce he used in his repair is good but he made comment that it could break/crack. Could I use a thicker piece of spruce for better support or will that change the sound?Thank you for listening and I hope that Frank Ford or someone in that field can help me to resolve this.

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