I've been rebuilding an old Favilla F5. I pulled the top. Cleaned out several bad crack repair attempts, flattened the top and splined/ glued everything back together. I  made new bracing and put the body back together. The work went very well and I have been working on refinishing the body for the last few days. 

Now the "experience".

I don't work in a climate controlled environment and last night we started having fairly severe Santa Ana conditions in our area. For those of you that don't know that that means, think of hot, dry winds from the desert sometimes gusting up to 50, 60,70 MPH. 

I keep my guitars in cases. I don't keep the instruments I working on in cases. About a hour ago, I heard the Favilla "pop". Now I have two new 4 in long cracks in the body of the guitar I just finished repairing. 

Relative humidity last week ( when I put it all together): Around 55%

Relative Humidity tonight: 12%-15%

Stupid factor: 100%

You'd think I never heard of a humidifier.

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Well, Hesh, I'm long winded... You have a lot of relevant information to present.


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