Hello fellow guitar fixers, makers etc... Dose anyone have much experience working with the fender bi-flex truss rod? What I'm saying is I Know how they work and how they are made with the clamp under the 7th fret marker to hole the middle of the rod etc.. But I had heard a rumor that that joint could be adjusted to increase the rods straightening ability. Is this true? I don't want to waist my time for not. I have a neck that is not getting any straighter and if adjusting that nut will help I want to know. Some how I don't know how but if it dose great. My next step would be to tell the costumer that I have to drill out the walnut plug to add a washer to the rod to get more travel on it but that could cost more. That may be the best way to go.Or the only way to go.



Vic Farrell 

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Hi Vic,

         I recently tried to repair a badly forward bowed Fender Strat with a biflex rod.  I removed the walnut plug, added washers under the adjusting nut, and also heat pressed the neck four times.  The neck stayed straight for about two weeks, then bowed just as badly as before.  I hope you have better luck than I did!



Thanks Harry. I am going to try the same trick. But no heat press.



could you re fret and compress a few fret slots to allow the neck to straighten almost the same way you would with out a truss rod ?


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