Fellow brought me a Collings Dread with a .025 drop off at the end of the fingerboard. Neck angle is correct, 1/32 over bridge, dead straight from nut to 15th fret. Drop from 15th to end of board. Is it best to taper shim underside of ebony board with ebony or what other options? All braces are good. Top has not sunk.



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Why is this a problem ?

Seems like an ideal set-up to me.

Drop off from the 15th fret, perfectly normal.
Murray my customer wants to play up there, between the 15th and 20th. There is .025 fall away between the 15th and 20th fret. If I remember correctly fall away from the body joint to last fret should be in the less than .006 range according to fellows like Dan Erlewine. The string will bottom out now.

Too much drop-out will make every note there out-of tune ; I agree that you have to reduce that a little bit if your customer really wants to play up there.
I'd go for an ebony shim under the fretboard.
I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier but I'm going to refret those last frets. Allparts has jumbo wire with a .170 crown.
I will have to rework the wire but this should get me level across the board.



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