Can anybody here do a solid and clean job repairing a cracked tailpiece?  Maybe you know someone who has done that repair?

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It's a standard break.  I take those things to a local silversmith/plating shop to have them brazed back together with a small fillet reinforcement inside the bend, and then replated.

Cool, thanks for the reply Frank.  What's the name of the shop?

If it's any help:  I talk to Jim at Avenue Plating, Hurlingame Ave., Redwood City, CA   -  not convenient for  you.  In fact, it's a bit inconvenient for me, because although it's only a few miles away, I have to budget at least ninety bucks labor to drag a part there and back, so I don't take on repairs like that in the shop because of cost to the customer. Oh, and, they're slow - usually three weeks.  I end up going about once a year with a small box of broken salvage stuff for the shop.

 I'm sure there are equivalent local places in NY. . .

Thanks Frank!


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