If I measure the middle of the 12th fret to middle of the 13th and come up with 23/32 on this old Granada does this calculate to a 251/4 scale normaly? .Also just to verify that we are all on the same page when we take that nut to twelth double add 3/32 on high -E and then 1/8th on low E should these marks be the front of the 3/32" slot or the string touch points for the two E strings . Right now When I measure 2513/32" down the center of the board that puts me right at the front where the old rosewood bridge was glued on the the soundboard! Does that mean its right or way out?Thanks all for getting this straight for all the pickers out there trying to make their axe sound like the perfect intonation on Nanci Griffiths Taylors when she hits those high -E ,12th fret harmonics capo on the 3rd fret in drop -D tunning playing Love At The Five & Dime -Rob (AKA - nanccinut)

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If the Granada Martin were a true copy of a Martin D-18, it would have had a 25.4" scale. For correct intonation, the 12th fret must be exactly half way between the nut and saddle. On a D-18, it is exactly 12.7" from the nut to the 12th fret, and from the 12th fret to the saddle. Your measurement is 12-26/32 (or 12-13/16" = 12.8125") from the nut to the 12th fret. My conclusion: the Granada Martin has a different scale length than a Martin D-18. Your measurement from the nut to the 12th fret suggests that your neck has frets spaced for a 25.6" scale, therefore you should probably rebuild the guitar with a 25.6" scale (technically your scale is a 25.625" = 25- 5/8" scale, based on your measurment). If you use a compromise scale length, it will probably result in poor intonationMy c
Thanks again for your expert opinion from this Sunday picker. Yes will take your advice and stick with the previous mark Out of curiousity if I added a touch more bow to the fret board which does have a tiny lower spot in the middle bow ,would that not shorten the distance from nut to twelth to make that distance gap of (25 .6 ) on the Granada closer to the 25(.4) of the D-18? I am thinking when you pull on a bow & arrow and the distance from bow end to bow end shortens . In short adding a touch more bow if you will. Maybe it would not even change the distance to a measured amount and you should have a slight low spot in the middle of the board. . Anyone tried something like that on a old clunker by some chance? Big thanks Gary
Just doing the final sanding of the new bridge using all the Martin specs and looks good.


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