Is there any way to get an odor out of a guitar? I have a guitar that I traded for that has an odor about it and I would like to get it out. Its not the wood smell. Is there a good deordorizer for wood?

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try baking soda in an open box for a week?
I've heard a few people mention that a half pound or so of white rice does a nice job of soaking up odors from the inside of an acoustic. In through the sound hole, plug it up and shake/tilt it around for a bit. Let it sit overnight or so and carefully vacuum it back out.

Let us know what (if anything) works.
I think the soda is best for getting rid of the odor, but the rice treatment may be needed to get rid of the remains of soda powder from the inside of the guitar.

There is a very nice article on this at (where else...), which I have used on several guitars. I wouldn´t say You get rid of all smells but You get another flavour, most often one I prefer....


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