I've just bought a 1906 Gibson A that had been dropped by it's previous owner. The neck has broken off cleanly (see photo).


The neck and body fit together well. Do you think it's enough to just hide glue it back together or do you think I need to drill some small holes to fit pins or dowels to give it additional strength? Has anyone experience of doing a similar repair.


Cheers Mike

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Offhand, it looks like a great candidate for hide gluing back together. I don't think dowels would add much in this case. The most logical place for a dowel is in the neck heel where it would resist the string tension best, but the wood is pretty thin there, so I'd skip it.

I presume you'll be adding a nice new ebony fingerboard - that will help with overall integrity.
Thanks Frank

That was what I thought. Will glue it tomorrow. Might even use rabbit glue as I think it's meant to be stronger.

Cheers Mike

PS original fret board is inlayed so will reuse


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