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I am in the process of replacing X bracing on this mid to late 50's LG-2, the broken x bracing that came out of the guitar is not a smooth curve. I am thinking that originally it was an even arch, does anyone here happen to know what that radius should be? I thought I read somewhere that these Gibson "flat tops" had a 28' arch, does that sound right? any thoughts are appreciated, thanks.

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I think 28' is correct.

Here is a deep well of info on older Gibson top arches


Hi Hector, i happend to have a 47 LG-2 for repair. I so your post and went straight to measure the top ;) I used the brace sanders from lmi as a measuring tool. i found it to have a minus 10' radius, between the bridge and soundhole. I wouldn't be to certain thou, since i asume the top has suffer some deformation. I hope i can help. I'm not at the shop right now, but let me know if you'd like some pics. 


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