I have a regular customer who recently got into Gibson tenor guitars and has acquired several, mostly from the '30s.

I know I'll be dealing with at least a couple of TG-00s and TG-1s that will need neck sets among other standard repairs.

Does anyone have any experiences with these they wouldn't mind sharing?

Specifically the type of neck joint and where to drill for steam needle access, but any info will be greatly appreciated.


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I'd go for it, expecting the usual dovetail configuration, but narrower, of course.   

You'll find the fingerboard extension is much thinner than a 6-string, so be careful with that when working it loose.  Tom

Frank, Tom thanks for your replies!

I don't have any of these in the shop right now but yes, everything appears much more delicate on them.

Can I assume access to the mortise can be had beneath the first fret past the neck/body joint?


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