I'm trying to find an alternative to using a thickness sander for nuts and saddles and have heard talk of granite sanding slabs? I did some searches on the internet and they seem to be super expensive.
Does anyone have any idea of where I might want to search for something like this...Im open to ideas.

Also what do you think of using a firm set piece of glass as a flat sanding surface?

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WOW, thats a great deal!!! Thanks Frank
hi just was looking for a way to polish my granite cutting boards and found this post of yall [yes i’m from Texas ] i could supply you and your friends for less than most but shippings on yall also i have a fender acustic thats in need of repair and a good home with someone who plays let it go cheap if interested e-mail me @ thank you all
What a deal that was. I ordered 2 slabs, no shipping. Came on a 18 wheeler in 2 days.

Thanks for the lead Frank.



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