Hi all , I have a guild in the shop for a neck reset , I have not done a reset on a cut-away before . It has a wide heel that goes across to the cutaway.Any comments please ? thanks Len

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Hmmm, you might have to do a little tuchup, but if you work slow and steady I think you'll be fine.  I really love using math during a neck set.  It's a real time saver for me.  Here's a link with the formula I use ( click on the math images for larger pics of the formulas):

Here's a dovetail article I wrote.  Lately, I've been using dental articulating paper instead of carbon paper:

Nathan , thanks for those links , good to see a clean well organised workshop . You dont think the cut-away will be problematic ?Len

Great work, thank you for the link!

I don't think the cutaway will cause any special challenges.  Just a couple of things to keep in mind:


1) The guilds that I've reset all had the neck installed before the lacquer was sprayed.  So even if you cut through the finish with a razor blade prior to dis-assembly, there's going to be a little finish work, on the bass side anyway (assuming it's a right handed guitar!).  Typically, just a little tinted lacquer brushed onto the sides at the joint prior to gluing in the neck is  all that's needed to cover your tracks.


2)  If the heel is flush with the sides at the cutaway, then you need to shim the joint in such a way as to ensure that the heel is flush or a touch(1/64"or less) inset on the treble side.  Kind of like putting a replacement door in the middle of a rough opening so the trim on both sides of the door will be the same width.  Typically, making 2 shims of the same thickness is an adequate solution, but keep your eye on this as you work.  Of course, the lateral set needs to be right too!

Yes I get what youre saying , This guitar has done about a thousand gigs , so the finish is almost non-existant.Thanks again Nathan.Len


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