Guitar finish "reacting" with guitar case lining?

Managed to fix the sticky neck issue..

now I just got a MONO case

I'm not sure what the case lining's made of but it just looks like a fabric (prob not lint free too! haha)

Now the beater guitar has a spot on the right upper bout where stock preamps usually placed, and the finish there seems a lil bare, it's not even semi-gloss kinda smooth, so I'm thinking the finish there is quite worn, or bare?
You can just see it in the pics where the gloss suddenly becomes very matte

When I put the guitar in the case for a day, when I next open the case, this part of the guitar sticks to the case lining and I have to "peel" off the case from the guitar. That area of the guitar isn't sticky so I'm just wondering why it behaves the way it does or if I should be worried about anything?

Would a DIY spray on finish help? It's a beater guitar so I'm not too worried about trying stuff out..

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That kind of things usually happens to nitro finish in contact with whatever kind of PVC material. Do you know what finish is applied on the guitar?
well.. it's the 92 taylor I've been talking about and I don't think they used nitro finish?

and it happens only on that bare spot. if it were the nitro finish wouldn't the whole guitar give that problem?
HI Hann , why not try putting the guitar in the case upside down , to see if the problem is the case or the guitar? You can try a little acetone or nail polish remover on the finish with a Q tip ( out of sight place) and if it melts , it's nitro .Len
hmmm what does it look like when it's melted? i did start to see a swirl and then it lightened in colour...and it felt kinda "matte"

mmm so what if it's nitro? wouldn't my whole guitar then react with the material? how come it's the worn out spots?
ok i shouldn't have bothred to try it.. i should've just looked up past forums.. haha ok so it's nitro..

hmmm so what can I do about it? It's a beater so i wouldn't spend money on a pro refinishing it (no one pro enough to do it around where I am anyway).

Also, after "peeling" the guitar away, it's not sticky... and a wipe with a lil lighter fluid solves the problem..

Just thinking if there's any DIY simple way to avoid further issues
Maybe it's too simple but I'd just use a different case. If the guitar is a beater and the problem only comes up because of the case, replace it. This sounds like a problem with the materials used in the case anyway to me. My son has one that is nylon covered foam with a "furry" lining like all the other cheaper cases. It's ridged enough for protection and light enough for back packing. I think we paid about eighty dollars for it and I'm sure I've seen them for much less since then.

how do i tell my girlfriend i can't use it? it's a birthday gift from her! hahahaha and I was moping about getting one for months!! haha ok perhaps i'll swap the newer taylor with the UV finish into this case since that prob won't react...
That certainly puts a new spin on the situation, Hann. Maybe you can keep a "buffing" cloth on that shoulder of the guitar and avoid the sticking. I keep a small hand towel in my cases to wipe down the instruments after use.

the buffin cloth also stuck to it!! haha

hmm what'll happen if i just continue using it the way it is?
I mean.. i just peel if off.. dust it off abit with my fingers and it feels normal again.. i'm ok with doing that the rest of my life i guess hahaha
Your guitar, your choice. I've been wondering if the guitar had a repair on that bout and the finish is different there.

I could be that nothing will happen but I can't help think that having the liner of your case stick to the finish will, one day, cause the finish to strip off of the area in question. Did you ever try turning the guitar over in the case for a while to see what happens?

Three suggestions: 1. let that case air out as much as possible. Might be some residual glue, or weird plastic, or vinyl gasses. 2. Cover the effected area with a polish cloth when in the case. 3. Exchange the case for a new one. Good luck. Tom


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