When I strum an open string or all the strings, the string(s) seem to vibrate to a point where the guitar seems to rattle. The same happens when playing chords. I believe that the truss rod is the cause of this but wanted to run this by the forum to see if I'm on the right track. I've checked all the hardware on my Kramer Striker 600ST and did find a few loose items but after tightening them the problem was still there. When I rap on the body and head I can hear a bit of noise but it increases when I rap on the neck. When I lay the guitar flat on my lap the rattling goes away. I thought the truss rod may be the problem so I took off the neck from the body as this is where the adjustment is at and gently tried to turn the truss rod. It moved easily counter clockwise and was a little tighter going clockwise. I returned it to the original position. If the truss rod is the problem then there is no room between the hex nut and the wood to put rubber cement as I had read about in the buzzing section of the web site.
Do you think I'm on the right track ?

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possibly, but if the rattle goes away when you lay it flat, look at the washers on the tuners.........
Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the washers and they are tightly secured against the headstock.


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