Happy 4th of July (a little early). This is a Lucida guitarron that didn't make it thru a doorway. I am blessed that I have my son's guitarron (which is also a Lucida) and my 30 year old Roberto Morales guitarron to compare. The pictures tell the story.

It looks like the top is laminated. There is a lot of wood separation around the holes and cracks coming away from the holes. The wood is Tacote and I am unable to find someone that sells it.

The questions I have are: Why are there screws on the Lucidas? My Morales doesn't have them and it's fine.

I'm considering flooding with CA and clamping to get everything back together. Does this sound like a good approach?

Would Titebond be best or hide glue for gluing the bridge back on? (there is no bridge plate on any of the guitarrons I have currently)

Does anybody know where I might get some Tacote wood?

Looking forward to hearing your replies.


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Here's another pic of the bridge area.


Yeah, I'd say the cyanoacrylate flood makes sense - it can tie the layers back together, fill gaps, and hold the bridge on.  I'd start with some thin viscosity, and follow with medium.   Seems the screws didn't hold anything, so I'd skip them in reassembly. . .

Hi Frank, thanks for replying so fast! I'm planning on plugging the the holes on the bridge and top. I've got almost all the shards off of the bridge and will be replacing them where they belong. Would Titebond or Hide be best for gluing the bridge back on?

Considering everything, I'd consider cyanoacrylate for the entire job, and not worry too much about small flakes of original wood.

Thank-you Frank for helping work thru this one. Happy 4th of July!

Looks to me like the screws were only for "clamping" the bridge in place until the glue dried.  Nothing like the "fun" of rebuilding plywood.

Thanks for replying Ned and happy 4th of July! I had a feeling that might be why. I teach mariachi on Saturday mornings and I also do the repairs for the organization that offers these classes. I have also a feeling that all the guitarrons from this manufacturer are made this way. So I guess I'm gonna git real good at fixing em'!


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