Any experience with a '50s Harmony baritone uke's neck-joint construction, and how to get it off?



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Hi Jerry. I assume your talking about the all mahogany model? I steamed the neck off of one of these the other day.  Its just a standard dovetail joint. I just pulled the 15th fret, drilled my steam hole, and fired some steam in with my espresso maker/steam rig. The dovetail joint on mine was very well fitted and took a fair bit of pressure to get loose. Also, the neck on mine was way off center.

If you've never steamed a dovetail joint before, I would recommend spending some time checking out the neck reset pages. Best of luck. It should be pretty straightforward.

John -Thanks. I had read that some ukes had Spanish heel joints, saw one Gretch with a large dowel connection...the standard dovetail reset I have some experience with. I appeciate the quick response.


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