I Recently acquired what I think is called a trez guitar. I’m hoping for some help identifying a possible maker and age of the guitar.  

The only manufacturing information I have is that “Columbus” is  branded (literally) into the back. 

Measurements:  Nut to 12th fret  =  10 3/4”; Body length  =  15 6/16”; Upper bout  =  7 13/16”; Lower bout  = 11 1/8”.  Body depth ranges from 3 ¾ “ at the heel, to 3 1/16” where the neck joins the body.

It’s ladder braced, however the 2 braces in the lower bout are not parallel.

The guitar came with a bottom loading case (image), but it has no indentifying markings I can find.  My bet is this case caused the injuries to this little guitar.  If it wasn’t made for this guitar, it’s a very good fit.

The tuning machines appear to be original to the guitar. So does the stamped tailpiece.  Rosette is inlaid.  Binding is wood, light over dark.



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The angled brace under the top is good sign its made by Lyon and Healy.

Columbus was a Lyon & Healy trademark.

I'd say the case didn't CAUSE the damage, but that it may have failed to protect the guitar from impact.  It's just the generic cheap case of the period (early 20th century).  

Thank you for your reply.  I must agree with you about my use of "cause". 

Just FTR, it's a "terz" guitar ,, "terz" meaning "third" .... being as how it should be tuned a minor third above standard tuning. 

Thanks for setting the record straight. I posted it, saw my error, but didn't know how to fix the typo.


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