got a fretboard with a few edges that need filling. also have a bag of fine rosewood dust. is there a suitable glue i can use as a mix with the powder ?.. i played with titebond but it sets so darn fast !!!...  nick

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Superglue. Search for info on how to do this.

(I remember the bad old days, pre-cyanoacrylate)
I agree with Jeffrey, thin superglue is what you want.

I find it easier to place the dust where I want it then CAREFULLY drip the glue on the dust. ( A tooth pick works well for this part.) If the void is very big it might work better to build it up a little bit at a time. It really pays to practice this before you try it on your favorite instrument. Just make some wood dust and practice with the glue on something not so important till you get a feel for how the glue flows.

BTW, I make dust for this sort of repair by scraping not sanding so I don't have to contend with grit in the dust.

[quote]BTW, I make dust for this sort of repair by scraping not sanding so I don't have to contend with grit in the dust.[/quote]

I never get dust when I scrape, only thin shavings ...
I suppose I should have clarified that. I get shavings too when I use a cabinet scraper but I get dust when I use something duller than that. The point is to make dust.

I keep a stick of ebony and rosewood around the shop. Both pieces of wood are multi colored so I can match the wood I need to fill. Use a clean file to gather the dust you need from the wood. If you leveled the fretboard during the refret you can use the dust, but as Fred said you have bits of sand in it. I tried regular super glue but found that Stew-Macs 'water thin' super glue works best. It will not 'roll off' the glue dust and penetrates well : >)
your tips gratefully received folks.... thanks
Depends on what kind of gaps you are filling. pinholes and tight areas around inlays do fine with CA and dust. But if you are talking about a corner of the board that needs structural strength, I'd go with an epoxy--one that sets slowly and dries hard. Fill it with as much dust as the glue will hold.


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