I am looking for tips on the Jem swrill water base finish .

Blue multi color swirl paint job -

so you can youtube it done thats cool I have some questions though but before I ask has anyone applied this finish before thats here in this Forum ?

qusetion 1 can it be applied as a Translucent also or just Opaque ...

question 2 in another video it shows a first timer dipping it in ,and the body already has a silver base coat of something, since working with water is a base coat applied first as to not raise the grain or something ? I have no water base experience but I sure would like to try any help plz is greatly appreciated .

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Yes, I would apply a base coat. Paint used or tinted varnish used should be solvant based, considering it should float on the water's surface (helped with a non wetting agent, which is borax I guess?). Some customers tried and messed up. I've never tried.
thanks Pierre a tinted Varnish hum... so then it is possible to achieve a translucent finish this way A ?
I can't see why you couldn't. Translucent and opaque finishes are available in the same chemistry, so it should work.

sweet Pierre I have an Idea o o watch out



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