I have been using KTM-9 waterbased lacquer on my guitars with good success, but I see now that due to a fire at the factory it is no longer available.

This is a bit of a problem for me because I need to do a repair on a guitar finished with this.  My question is, can I use the more readily available nitrocellulous lacquer over top of this water based lacquer?  It is a small area repair (a crack), so I'm hoping to get away with it.

Alternatively I could seek out another water based lacquer.  Any recommendations there?


Doug Collins

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"Due to a fire in the building in May 2015 and the extended downtime for repairs, we are working with another paint mfg to help get some of our paints and coatings back into production. Please email us at for more information. Updated: 07/15/2015"


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