We're still taking applications for a guitar repairman here at Chicago Music Exchange where I'm the shop manager (and we're already considering some applicants from the family!)  We need an experienced luthier, not just a setup guy.  I just figured that all of the best guitar repairmen (and repairwomen?) frequent this site. 

There's more information here if you're interested:

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Jobs are hard to come by these days, so I encourage anybody with employment opportunities to post a note or two here!

Feel free to give some more details about CM's shop or the job, pay rate, or whatever.
Thanks, Frank. This forum is such a great resource on so many different levels!

Alright, shameless plug time:

CME recently changed ownership and is laying the foundation for some pretty rapid growth, and I'm taking this opportunity to expand the scope of what our repair shop is doing. I need another experienced repairman to help keep up with the growth I'm expecting. There's at least four excellent repair shops in Chicago, but I want ours to be the best.

Our shop is well-equipped now, and we're investing serious time and capital into making it world-class.

The best part of the job is that we get to work on some of the coolest guitars in the world. In just this past week, I've worked on six or seven 50's strats, teles, and esquires, an amazing '56 Les Paul Special in TV yellow, a Gibson Trini Lopez, a prewar OO-28, and a pristine vintage Black Beauty for Ritchie Blackmore.

The link above has application info. Salary is commiserate with experience—we're a high-end shop and our pay is very competitive.


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