Lady brought me a Martin DX-1. The back and top seams are completely blown out from some type of trauma. These have composite back and sides material. Anyone here ever glue this stuff together? I'm thinking epoxy?

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Thank you. That's what I will do. This one has a wood top.
Please be careful with this HPL f###### crap : when it breaks, it can leave real sharp ends, and I cut one of my fingers badly last week while removing a DXK2 top (broke in several pieces, replacing by a wooden one).
Pierre, Thanks for the warning! I will be careful. IMHO These composite models are poor design. The neck block set-up seems questionable as well.
Hi there! I once had to do a bridge reglue on one of those. I called martin and they told me they a 3m product called rite lock pr 600/ something. its super glue. good thing about using a super glue is that you can do clean up with acetone, it wont affect the HPL.
Thanks for this input.
About the neck block, I see a lot of wood removed by routing the neck block of these models. We'll see in 20 years if it's strong enough...


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