Ive received some good advice here with this one so I thought I ought to share. Somewhat less traditional than what we usually see around here. Its not flawless, but I'm pretty happy with how its turned out all things considered - enough so that I really don't want to sell it :(. But I guess that's often the way.

Just a few things I have learned, or been strongly reminded of:

High gloss black is a real bugger of a finish to accomplish in a teeny basement shop. Everything shows. Eeeeverything. Holy moly. Obsessive compulsive tendencies are a mixed blessing in this case. Play everything super safe, and annihilate all dust nibs. Maybe the next couple will be natural finishes.

I definitely need to wear gloves during assembly, as I have some narsty perspiration.

Measure a few more times, dummy.

I need to learn to take breaks when I get hypertensive, and also eat better, or I might not be able to do this as long or as well as Id like. It seems like taking care of oneself has been getting some mention around the forum lately, and it's starting to sink in.

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Awesome guitar! Interesting shape that's original but still looks comfortable to play. Some of those BC Rich guitars are actually painful to play! Beautiful top wood and fantastic finish, love the fade. Your inlay work is also very good! Original and well executed. And beyond looks, I was going to ask you how it sounds, but you mentioned you used Black Winter pickups, how appropriate! I too am a Seymour fan, great distortion while preserving the resonance of the wood, I'm sure it shreds and sounds killer! A sexy guitar is one thing, a sexy guitar that you actually want to play is something else! Congrats my friend! Be proud!

Thankya. It is quite comfortable to play, and nicely balanced. That point on the upper bass bout can stick you a little bit sitting down, but I got over it pretty quickly. I also mostly play electric standing. Also, the large crescent shape under the treble side of the bridge is great to rest on your leg and play classical style - that was mostly on purpose.
I like the look of this very much. Trans black is one of the most difficult to pull off but this looks very well done.
Ref the concrete dust, is it possible to seal the walls with stabiliser and the floor with garage floor paint? The top surface of uncovered concrete floors continuously shed very, very fine cement dust and walls, not so bad, but do too.

Thanks, it was a bit of a trick with rattle cans and I wasnt sure about the fade until all the topcoats were on. That somehow smooths it out. Ill consider sealing the walls if we end up staying in this house.


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