Hello, I'm repairing a loose neck block on a 1972 Guild 212. The top has split on both sides of the neck where it lays over the upper bout. My question is do I need to re-enforce this area? The top itself would still contact about 1/2 of the top of the block on each side if it were glued down. In other words the splits are OVER the block, not along its top edges. I tried to get a picture of that.

Before I glue this up I want it to be strong enough!

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Hi Colin, my first action is to identify what may have caused the damage or failure in an instrument, either by questioning the customer or close inspection. That then gives me an idea of how to approach a repair. I did a repair similar to this early this year and I did have to reinforce the area.


thanks. I've secured the block.... 

Adding some reinforcement won’t have any tonal effect. There’s no reason not to, for peace of mind.

Greg Mirken


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