I have acquired a 76 Gibson J-45/50 that I suspect has had the bridge thinned to get the action lower on a guitar that needs a neck re-set. I am hoping someone has access to one and can provide an unmolested bridge thickness.

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I'd say they varied - mostly between 1/4" and 5/16."

Thanks for responding Frank. Do you know if Gibson would typically use different thickness bridges on any particular model like Martin did/does with their 5/16", 11/32" and 3/8" bridge thickness selections?

The J-45/50 is in my pile of acquired project instruments and I am in no particular hurry with it. I want to restore it to original specs and will need the bridge work done before I reset the neck. If Gibson used a specific bridge thickness on the model, I would like to re-create that. If on the other hand, it was typical to use a range of thicknesses to more closely fit a neck angle like Martin does, then I just need to be in the range of thicknesses used.

The bridge on my 1964 Gibson J45 measures 1/4".  I guarantee that's the original thickness since I have owned it since it was new.


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