Hi everybody!

I have a great 1956 ES-175 that needs a serious restoration job. It has a crack in the heel of the neck. I was told it needs a neck reset, and many luthiers turned down the job. It's an awesome guitar. It needs a new fretboard too, the original one is shaved down so much, some of the dots in the binding are half way gone already.

I am more of a player that collector, so I need somebody to point me to a luthier that wants to do the job. I am in the bay area now, but I'll be living in LA soon... I though this is the right forum for that! Thanks guys, looking forward to your reply.

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Hey guys, thought you might like an update on the old ES 175. I've struggled a bit with the best way to rebuild the neck heal but finally decided on a double mortise joint so I would not have to deal with the truss rod termination. This thing had more useless dowels in it than I've ever encountered, and there were so many cracks and compromised material to deal with as well. Here's a few shots of the current status.


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