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I wonder if it's padauk since it's rather red. Did it satin your hands? The grain looks similar, and padauk has a very sweet perfume-like scent. Nice inlay work.

 thx randalll this is the funnest inlay i ever did.....

it isnt padauk Ive built a bunch of stuff out of padouk     

this wood is less saturated color and color didnt change or oxidise like padouk does

To my eye, it bears a striking resemblance to Macacauba. It also resembles some particularly plain Pao Ferro fretboards I've seen recently (particularly when rather dry).

Good luck with the search! Finding "alternative" tonewoods is always a worthwhile endeavor, in my opinion. There's too much fun stuff out there!

True on the alternative wood thought. I've run across walnut hard enough for necks and fingerboards. Plus, it's walnut! Nice work. Cute cat(?) on the headstock inlay. 

thx i looked at a photo on wood database and it looks a lot like that so that may be it


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