I bought this guitar new in January. Since late spring has settled in, the action has become too high. Is this a seasonal change or a result of the guitar settling in. If it's seasonal, how low do I want to adjust the action? My older D-45, 000-28 and 000-15 have changed but not this much.

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If all guitars are in the same environment let the new one settle in for a week then set it up like the others and all will change the same.

It could be the result of both seasonal changes and new construction. Any guitar just out of the shop will usually need adjustment six months or so into it's life (as it takes the tension on). Also, the dry winter months will show the guitar at it's lowest action due to the dry top sinking. As it takes on spring moisture the top will rise and so will the action. If it's now in the place it's going to spend most of it's time, set it up to suit it now and keep it hydrated over winter.


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