I was wondering if anyone knew what size the lead screw on the parrot vise is. Mine's commenced to slip at the handle (I like to clamp hard) and I've decided to strip it and install a new thread and handle.

I'd like to use the cross dowel, so I'd like to match the thread of the screw, which I guessed to be 1/2 "-8.

The problem is, when I put the calipers along the threads, the count seems off..

Any words on this would be much appreciated.

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Reckon it's metric - the vise is made in China.  You might be able to pin the handle back on securely.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply.

I checked again & compared the diameter & pitch to the table on Maryland  Metric's  site.

It's 14mm x 3 Trapezoidal thread.

Mcmaster doesn't carry that size, and what they do have is dear.

There's a guy in England selling CNC stuff who has it, charging L 10  for around 400 mm. length & about the same  to ship to USA.

I'll see what Maryland Metric has it for and post again, for future reference.


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