Noobish Question... Truss rod tension before FB level?

I was just wondering how much tension should I put on the truss rod before leveling the fretboard? I'm thinking between 1/4 and 1/2 a turn. 3/8ths...

I'm about to start yanking the frets off of my neck. This neck has a back-bow even with the truss rod completely loose. So I'm going to take the file to the board.

I just noticed this neck already has quite a bit thinner FB in the middle than it has at the ends. With the truss rod loose the ruler along the edge of the fb only has a tiny bit of back bow, but the seam of the FB aganst the maple has over a mm. In that case I guess it doesn't matter much if that difference will become even greater...

Top two pics is with loose truss rod. bottom is 3/8 of a turn. That feels about the right resistance...

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Well, a couple of years past, I am proud to say the neck is still straight as the proverbial arrow. Still very stoked with the guitar and this job! And the assist I had at this forum!

The SS frets are on and holding very well. I don't think I noticed a difference in sound. Guitar is great!


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