Allright, here is my dilema....I've rebuilt, re-radiused, and refretted..( with stainless steel ) 4 guitars for a customer...Floyd Roses, locking nuts...String hight at the 12th fret on the high E a little over 1/ buzz...Hight at the low E 1/32nd...( he's finally realized you can't go lower with a 42 for a low E string...)..He's super happy with everything except the spacing at the nut..He wants both E strings to be in 5/32nds in from the sides of the nut..This makes my compensated spacing ruler useless..So I've done the spacing with a caliper..First nuts on them were O.K. except he decided he wanted the 5/32nds from the edges..O.K., no problem, I'll cut new ones gratis..The spacing on 2 of them was a tad off , so I said I'll redo them..I got the spacing between the strings equal within about 5 thousands either way..Still not happy...How can one get anymore accurate than that?..I've been in this buisness for 2 decades and can't remember the last time someone complained about spacing..Is he being unreasonable? I have given him a great package deal on all 4, and allways bend over backwards to keep a customer happy...I've spent as much time doing the nuts on all 4 of these as I spend refretting one regular guitar.P.S. new nuts were not part of the initial deal, but I threw them in for 20 bucks each..Anyone got ideas on how to get them perfect?

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Well, still not talking of the technical part (that has been covered well in this thread by Ron Frazier), 10 or 12 thousands off can be improved. But make sure that your customer won't have the opportunity to measure before "feeling" it...

Even if you can't not or don't want to charge this guy for redoing the nuts over and over, let him know what that kind of precision will cost the next customer (be it him or not). He must know that it's a gift because it's the first time you go for tighter tolerances on a weird string spacing (I agree with what Donald A. Fortune said about different string weights / brands). If you don't tell him it is courtesy, sooner or later he will eat you up.

I think your biggest "fault" was to not specify the tolerance(es) and it's price(es) in advance... who would? Anyway, If you really want to specialize yourself in satisfying this kind of customers, you'll have to work on your pricing and for this you have to put yourself in their place and world of imagination to figure out what they could complain for when the job is done... It does not have a lot to do with guitar repair or reasonable tolerances, it's just marketing, like selling ten thousand - dollar watches, a thing that really nobody needs to have (it's as useful as a one hundred - dollar watch), but they exist and people buy them. But honestly, I doubt if your customer falls in that category. But seeing the additional price may prevent him from asking for too much.
I have been following this post for a while and I'm wondering if the player
discussed their problem to other players of some experience what kind of feed back they would get. just thought, and my 2 cents.


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