Years ago (circa 2002) I bought a guitar body and neck from a fellow in Iowa who said they were from a defunct factory ( can remember the name.)    The attached images show the parts.   I  shelved the project and never got around to messing with it; I prefer building from scratch.  Recently a friend showed interest in completing this project.  When I looked at the parts, however, I am concerned about the neck joint;  the small tenon seems inadequate to me.  I wonder if anyone has run into this type of construction?  Also, inspecting the inside with a mirror reveals a rather small block to receive the neck.  Before investing  much of his time, I want to make sure its not a doomed venture.  If nothing else we could pull the back off and install a proper head block and build up the neck tenon. Could even build up the heel. Your thought are appreciated. -- Jack

Tags: archtop, laminate, tenon

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